The full on backing track player and lyrics prompter that scales from practicing in your bedroom, to the biggest concert halls

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Free Lyrics Prompter and Backing Track player

From practicing in your home studio (Livingroom / bedroom), to playing at any size of venue or gig, Baraoke Lyrics Prompter and Backing Track Player has you covered. As a budding musician and professional software developer, I built Baraoke as a tool to help me play music and show lyrics at gigs. I now offer this pro level tool to you as the only Lyrics Prompter and Backing Tracks player you will ever need.

How to play backing tracks on stage

First off, check out my quick intro video below. This will show you exactly how the free version of Baraoke works and what you can do in just a couple of minutes.

Set up is the same for playing backing tracks at local pub gigs as it is for playing at your national stadium in front of 20,000 fans!

Features of Baraoke

Baraoke has amazing feature that make the system quick and easy to set up and use. You will be playing along with your backing tracks within 5 minutes!

  • Works on any Windows system (IOS Version coming very soon)
  • Works on Touch Screens
  • Add MP3s or WAV files
  • Crystal Clear sound processing
  • Add lyrics and chords for all songs
  • Resize lyrics while tracks are playing
  • Colour coordinate song sections
  • Play single tracks or continuous play lists
  • Drag and Drop songs, files and lyric sheets
  • Edit on the fly from the player
  • Free support and unlimited updates
  • Set up on multiple screens
  • Optional footswitch controls

As a lyrics prompter, Baraoke fits every bill but with the added bonus of it being a full on backing tracks player, you have access to a tool that fits the needs of a solo artist looking to play at their local pub through a laptop and PA, or a full on band looking for a stage bases lyrics prompter that is simple to use and quick to set up.

How to play lyrics on stage

So you've got a gig coming up soon and you've got a set of great songs to play BUT you keep forgetting the lyrics and queues for the songs. Let Baraoke set you up for playing lyrics on stage!

If you just need to play lyrics along with your band, no problem! You dont need to add music to the backing tracks. You can simply use Baraoke as a live lyric prompter and have the lyrics streamed to any amount of screens on stage. Simply set up Baraoke on your laptop and connect your screens via HDMI cables. The lyrics will be streamed to every screen you hook up.

Backing Tracks Player

Playing backing tracks for practicing with or at a gig should not be the pain in the arse that it has become! I invented Baraoke to make playing backing tracks quick, simple and most importantly; ENJOYABLE!

setting up a backing track to be played with Baraoke take less than 1 minute - this means by the time you have read this, you could have had a backing track added and made ready to play on Baraoke.

Download the free version of Baraoke right now and see for your self!

Hit the link below and get ready to sing along with your favourite backing tracks.

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